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Cytogreens - 60 servings - Açai Berry Green Tea

  • $49.99
  • $59.99

Cytogreens - 30 servings 

  • During physical exercise, your body creates lactate, like lactic acid, to help fuel the energy needs of your muscles. When your muscles hold too much lactic acid, it creates a burning feeling as well as feelings of tiredness. CytoGreens removes lactic acid from the muscle tissue to produce fuel for the body.

    • Helps muscles recover faster 
    • Potent high-ORAC antioxidants
    • Improves stamina
    • No preservatives or fillers
    • Gluten-free, soy-free, and non-GMO
    • Available in three sizes: 14 servings, 30 servings, and 60 servings
    • Choose from two flavours: acai berry green tea or chocolate

    Revolutionary Ingredients

    CytoGreens is revolutionizing the way you support your body through nutrition. The formula contains an exclusive, nutrient-rich Green Performance Matrix that delivers chlorophyll-rich ingredients such as cracked-cell chlorella, spirulina, and ultra-fine matcha green tea. Many brands use lecithin as an emulsifier, but the primary purpose it serves is as a filler. CytoGreens contains no fillers or colours and only 100% natural flavours and sweeteners.

    Enhanced Recovery

    Studies show that CytoGreens increases muscle micro-capillarization and perfusion. The formula helps the body remove lactic acid from the muscles and transport it to the liver. The liver recycles the lactic acid into glucose, which the body then uses as a source of fuel to reduce soreness, maximize endurance, and increase muscle performance.

    Maximize your endurance and increase muscle performance with CytoGreens by NovaForme.

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