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Organic Hemp Protein - 454g - Gold Top Organics - Health & Body Nutrition

Organic Hemp Protein - 454g - Gold Top Organics

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Organic Hemp Protein

Gold Top Organics' Hemp Protein is:   

  • Made from Canadian grown hemp. 
  • The concentrated protein remaining from the Hemp Bits production.  
  • Vegan certified. 
  • Free of chemicals, additives or preservatives.
  • Gluten and trans fat free. 
  • Manufactured in a peanut-free facility and kosher approved
  • Available in 454 g pouch.

Why use this product?

Hemp Proteins are a great way to add all the essential amino acids to your diet. Use Hemp Protein, whether you need more proteins to:

  • Help build muscles after a workout.
  • Keep up the amount of proteins while losing weight. 
  • Meet your body's needs when you can eat a limited amount of food. 

In each 100 g of product, there are 33 g of protein. This is a very good amount of protein from plant source. It does little to change the taste of the food. Therefore, try Hemp Protein:

  • during a weight loss regime. 


  • during and after workouts. 


  • in everyday life. 


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