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PRO Greens Organic (Mint) - 250ml - Naka

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PRO GREENS ORGANIC is ideal for those who are seeking optimal health but have limited time to prepare foods. With the combination of herbs, superfoods and vegetable juices in a convenient liquid preparation, Pro Organic Greens will provide the nutrition you need and leave you feeling more energized and vital in no time.

There are a few reasons a liquid preparation is a superior way to get your greens.

Liquids do not need to be broken down and, therefore nutrients are more easily absorbed. Liquids are the best option for people who have low stomach acid, digestive issues or problems swallowing pills. Aside from choosing a liquid preparation, it is also important to consider the ingredients. Pro Greens Organic is packed with a combination of herbs, superfoods and vegetables all conveniently available in a liquid preparation for optimal absorption. This formula will help to increase energy, vitality and overall health and wellness by providing the body with the nutrients it needs.

• Ginseng to help energize
• Chlorophyll to detoxify & deodorize
• Nutrients & botanicals help with digestion
• Superfood Complex to aid pH balance & help stop cravings
• Take just one liquid tablespoon a day!

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