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Sleep-T- Lorna Vanderhaeghe

Sleep-T- Lorna Vanderhaeghe

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Apple Cinnamon

What to expect from this product:

  • Promotes deep, restful sleep
  • Calming and relaxing
  • Reduces the effects of stress

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Valerian root is used for the treatment of insomnia, sleep disorders, nervous tension, anxiety and gastrointestinal pain associated with irritable bowel.

Hibiscus flowers are used as a gentle diuretic and for disorders of circulation. This herb is also useful as a treatment for constipation by providing a very mild laxative effect.

Chamomile flowers are used as a gentle sleep aid helping to calm the body.

Passionflower herb is used for sleep problems, gastrointestinal upset related to anxiety or nervousness, generalized anxiety disorder.

Cinnamon bark increases vitality, reduces blood pressure, and helps to control blood sugar levels.

Lemon balm has antibacterial, antiviral properties and it is also used as a mild sedative or calming agent.

Skullcap herb quiets nervous tension and eases muscle cramping and spasms. Skullcap also induces sleep without feeling groggy.

Hops flowers reduce anxiety, improve insomnia, reduce restlessness and nervous tension, calm nervousness, and halt irritability.

Apple pieces, cinnamon bark and roasted chicory root are added for a delicious tasting tea.

Suggested usage: For hot herbal tea, use 1 tea bag per cup. Add boiling water and steep for 3 minutes or until you obtain desired taste. Remove tea bag and enjoy!
For iced tea pour 2 cups of boiling water over 4 tea bags. Steep 5 minutes. Remove tea bags. Add two cups of cold water and chill.

Drink Sleep-T throughout the day to promote restful sleep and reduce the effects of stress. Combine with SLEEPsmart capsules or Melatonin Plus to promote deep, restful sleep, reduced jet lag symptoms, improved shift work fatigue, anti-aging and to reduce the effects of stress.