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Rhinolaya Nasal Hygiene Spray - 100ml - Inebios - Health & Body Nutrition

Rhinolaya Nasal Hygiene Spray - 100ml - Inebios

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Inebios Rhinolaya Nasal Hygiene 100ml

RHINOLAYA is a very gentle isotonic solution for the hygiene of the nose, to clean or moist ion the nasal cavity in case of dryness, clutter, or irritation, and is suitable for nose suffering allergies caused by dust, pollen, etc. 

Himalyan salt brings to the nasal mucousa it’s fabulous richness in Trace elements and natural minerals as well as its purity. Organic meadow anemone (Pulsatilla Pratensis): widely used to treat conditions of the nasal mucosa. Copper (Copper Gluconate): ideal for strengthening the immune system. 

  • Gently cleans and cares the nasal cavities,
  • moistns the encrusted nasal mucous membranes (air conditioning, heat, etc),
  • relieves irritationof sensitive nasal mucous membranes (pollen, house, dust, etc),
  • liquifies Trace nasals mucous,
  • favours Trace element absorption,
  • is suitable for noses weakened by cold and humidity.

Instructions For Use: Spray into nostrils 2-4 times daily as required. Keep out of reach of children. The container is pressurised (environmentally neutral and harmless atmospheric nitrogen). Protect from direct exposure to sunlight or temperatures over 50 degrees Celsius. Do not open forcibly, pierce or burn after use. Store below 25 degrees Celsius. 

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