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Legends Of China Oolong Tea - 100bags - Uncle Lee’s Tea - Health & Body Nutrition

Legends Of China Oolong Tea - 100bags - Uncle Lee’s Tea

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Uncle Lee’s Tea Legends Of China Oolong Tea 100bags 

Uncle Lee's rich Oolong is a semi-fermented tea that has been drunk for centuries by the Chinese and Japanese people as a natural fat blocker. Oolong has a very distinct flavor, slightly smoky with a hint of floral. Uncle Lee's Oolong Tea is also great if you want to substitute it for coffee. Unlike coffee, Oolong Tea is high with antioxidants but lower in caffeine. With 100 tea bags inside this box of Legends of China teas, you will enjoy the fine flavor of Oolong Teas at an exceptional value. It is great for hospitality when treating a large number of guests at a party or event. For this one, we have left the oolong tea leaves untouched by any other additives for those that love the original flavor of Oolong Tea.

Brewing Instructions: Hot Serving: Just before water comes to a full boil, pour over the tea bag and brew for 3 to 5 minutes, or to desired strength. Add desired sweetener to taste.
Iced Serving: Follow directions for Hot Serving, then slowly pour into a tall, ice-filled glass or heat-resistant plastic container. Add a slice of orange or lemon. Chill to desired icy temperature and serve.
Ingredients: Pure oolong tea leaves.
Caffeine Level:
25-45 mg
Allergen Information: 100% GLUTEN-FREE
Package Content(s): 100 individually paper wrapped tea bags per box
Net Weight: 6 Oz. (170g)
Certifications: Star-K Kosher Certified
Special Notes: Packaged in standard paper tea bags for guaranteed quality that you come to expect from Uncle Lee's. Tea bags are oxygen-bleached without the use of any type of chemicals

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